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SEO Marketing Consultant Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

SEO Marketing Consultant Job Profile and Description The SEO Marketing Consultant is the person responsible for evaluating, suggesting and verifying various kinds of techniques which need to be applied on client’s website. They consult with the client and plan accordingly to increase the search value and visibilities of website in search engines. They apply various […]

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SD Consultant Job Description

April 5, 20120 Comments

SAP SD Consultant Job Description SAP is a large ERP system that can be implemented in modules such as Finance (FI/CO/TR), human resource (HR), sales and distribution (SD), customer relations management (CRM) and inventory management (WM). SAP has become the choice ERP among medium to large companies. Each of these modules requires consultants to ensure […]

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SAP Finance Consultant Job Description

April 5, 20120 Comments

SAP Finance Consultant Job Description The popularity of SAP as the choice ERP among medium to large companies has created the need for SAP consultancy which is either organic to the organization implementing the system or from 3rd party SAP implementers and independent consultants. Each SAP module requires a trained SAP consultant and one of […]

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Managing Consultant IBM Job Description

April 4, 20120 Comments

Managing Consultant IBM Job Profile and Description Managing consultant IBM operates as an advisor to IBM who shares his personal expertise in management of the organization and development of human resource. He has to go through existing and past business operations to locate the problems and their respective sources. That makes room for development of […]

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Education IT Sales Consultant Job Description

April 3, 20120 Comments

Education IT sales consultant job description and profile With the massive boost in the IT sector, many students and professional want to take up IT education to improve their future prospects or make a change in career to IT. A number of institutes offer IT education. An education IT sales consultant provides recommendations about which […]

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SEO Reputation Management Consultant Job Description

March 30, 20120 Comments

SEO Reputation Management Consultant Profile and Description The SEO Reputation Management Consultant is also known in the online marketing world as a search engine management consultant or professional who is considered as a specialist in protecting online reputation of enterprises using SEO methods and techniques. The position calls for conducting online studies about the potential […]

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SAP HR Associate Consultant Job Description

March 14, 20120 Comments

SAP HR-Associate Consultant Profile and Description SAP is German software that lets businesses perform better through a single point of contact system. Today almost all companies big and small have integrated SAP solutions into their businesses and this helps them allow different sections of the business to interact on a common platform and access a […]

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HR Consultant Job Description

March 10, 20120 Comments

HR Consultant Job Profile and Description HR Consultant’s job is to provide a comprehensive HR management advisory and consultancy service to staff and management. HR consultant manages operational human resources related issues, including development and communication of policies, training administration, human resources reporting and coordinating in recruitment process, remuneration and performance management processes. Duties and […]

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Employee Benefit Consultant Job Description

March 6, 20120 Comments

Employee Benefit Consultant Job Profile and Description Employee benefit consultants help a company to develop, organize and implement the different benefits schemes that they offer to their staff. Employee benefits may include a number of schemes like pensions, medical, life assurance, travel allowance, entertainment allowance etc, which may vary from organization to organization. The employee […]

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Fashion consultant job description

November 25, 20110 Comments

Fashion consultant Job Profile and Description A fashion consultant has the main responsibility to advise the clients on how to polish and furnish his or her wardrobe for particular occasion or purpose. They work for both the companies and individually as well. As more and more people are getting conscious of their looks and style. Duties […]

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