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Construction Resident Engineer Job Description

July 24, 20130 Comments

Construction Resident Engineer Job Profile and Description A construction resident engineer is an individual who is responsible for the construction of various projects or a single project. They have to review the designs of the construction sites and the documents related to the project. A construction resident engineer usually evaluates the contractors’ bids. The construction […]

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Chef Instructor Job Description

June 25, 20130 Comments

Chef Assistant Job Profile and Description: The job profile of Chef’s Assistant is very interesting and is full of challenges. He has to assist the chef in ensuring that the kitchen is organized and that the food is prepared timely and with the appropriate quality. The chef assistant has to be very responsible for his […]

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Wholesale supplier Job Description

December 14, 20120 Comments

Wholesale supplier Job Description A wholesale supplier is usually someone who acts a mediator between a manufacturer and a retail store outlet. It is not essential that a wholesale supplier has to be an individual; it can also be a company. They analyze the economic condition of a market and always deal with sale of […]

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Wholesale Seller Job Description

December 13, 20120 Comments

Wholesale Seller Job Description A person selling merchandise to retailers and various other businesses is known as a wholesale seller. He makes the job of a retailer easy as the retailer does not have to deal with hundreds of manufacturers. A wholesale seller is not restricted to one type of industry and sells the similar […]

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Wholesale Representative Job Description

December 12, 20120 Comments

Wholesale Representative Job Description Wholesale Representative is responsible for selling or representing a organization’s products to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, Institutions, Government Bodies and individual consumers. The job entails creating, building and maintaining the interest of the purchaser in the organization’s merchandise. They demonstrate and advise the buyers on benefits of their products towards cost reduction […]

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Wholesale Merchandiser Job Description

December 11, 20120 Comments

Wholesale Merchandiser Job Description A wholesale merchandiser is an individual or a company who is responsible for selling merchandise to retail outlets. The merchandise comes direct from manufacturer and includes wide range of products as per the needs and requirements of the customers. Duties and Responsibilities A wholesale merchandiser has to work with professionals from […]

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Wholesale Manufacturer Job Description

December 8, 20120 Comments

Wholesale Manufacturer Job Description A wholesale manufacturer is someone who manufactures goods in large quantities for sale. They directly deal with wholesale suppliers and sell the product manufactured by them. They need to influence the wholesale suppliers to sell the good manufactured by them. Duties and Responsibilities: A wholesale manufacturer has to manage and monitor […]

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Wholesale Manager Job Description

December 7, 20120 Comments

Wholesale Manager Job Description A wholesale manager is someone who manages the staff in a wholesale store. He manages the activities of the staff and also deals with the manufacturers as well as retailers. He sets the goals for the employees and also motivates them to give a better performance. Duties and Responsibilities: The job […]

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Warehouse Supervisor Job Description

November 3, 20120 Comments

Warehouse Supervisor Job Profile and Description The profile of a Warehouse Supervisor is that of maintaining and overseeing all the functions of the storehouse and ensuring smooth operations of all activities. An individual of this profile also requires handling and maintaining warehouse workers and adhering to necessary safety and legal procedures of working. Most warehouse […]

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