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Warehouse Job Description

September 10, 20120 Comments

Warehouse ob Profile and Description Warehouse job is a wide field with different profiles, and every profile has its own job description. These jobs may include packagers, shippers and receiving clerks, material handlers, maintenance crew members and managers. Duties and Responsibilities: Warehouse staff are responsible for receiving, storing and shipping merchandise kept in warehouses Handlers […]

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Transportation Manager Job Description

September 7, 20120 Comments

Transportation manager Job Profile and Description A transportation manager is an individual who is in charge of planning, directing, and coordinating all the activities related to transportation operations within an organization or company. He directs activities related to dispatching, routing, and tracking transportation vehicles, such as aircraft and railroad cars. He also has to direct […]

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Transportation Director Job Description

September 6, 20120 Comments

Transportation Director Job Description Transportation director job description and profile The job profile of a transportation director includes organizing all the transportation requirements of the organization like planning travel reservation for business trips by employees and management, for delegates and organization guests. The transportation director looks after the administration responsibilities regarding organization transportation. A transportation […]

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Transportation Coordinator Job Description

September 6, 20120 Comments

Transportation coordinator Job Profile and Description A transportation coordinator is an individual who is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the means of transport like buses, vans and the drivers of a company or organization. He sees to it that the staff members are safe and makes sure that don’t face any […]

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Transport Trailer Mechanic Job Description

September 4, 20120 Comments

Transport Trailer Mechanic Job Profile and Description Transport trailers are an important means of transportation for haulage of goods, supplies and essential commodities. A Transport Trailer Mechanic is responsible for the proper functioning of these trailers and the maintenance of the same. Therefore, such mechanics play a very significant part in ensuring the timely deliver […]

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Shipper Job Description

August 30, 20120 Comments

Shipper Job Profile and Description A shipper makes sure that there is prompt and accurate shipment of goods and he also checks if the incoming packages have the necessary load or if they have been damaged in any way. According to the organization or customer needs, he prepares items for shipment, for which he should […]

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Elevator Operator Job Description

August 23, 20120 Comments

Elevator Operator Job Profile and Description Elevator operators transport people though the floors of a building, hospital, hotel, shopping mall or similar establishments. They are required to either push buttons or pull levers to operate the elevators. Their job may also require them to greet users, distribute mails among floors and pass information to the […]

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Customs Broker Job Description

August 20, 20120 Comments

Customs broker Job Profile and Description A Customs broker is responsible for preparing and compiling all the documents required by the government for discharge of foreign cargo at domestic ports or airports to serve as middleman between importers, merchant shipping organizations, airlines, railroads, trucking organizations and the government Customs service. Duties and Responsibilities Customs brokers […]

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Air Traffic Controller Job Description

August 17, 20120 Comments

Air Traffic Controller Job Profile and Description Civilian Air Traffic Controllers work within the National Airspace System (NAS) to coordinate the safe movement of commercial and private air traffic. This involves ground movement, take offs and landings as they monitor flights within an airspace radius from the air terminal. Their immediate objective is safety, but […]

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Surveyor Job Description

August 13, 20120 Comments

Surveyor Trainee Job Profile and Description A licensed Surveyor makes precise measurements to define and determine property boundaries for private and government organizations and individuals. They are responsible in defining airspace for airports, mining franchise areas and land development and civil works. To become one requires the relevant tertiary course but can be done with […]

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