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IT Job Descriptions

October 15, 20130 Comments

IT Job Descriptions is a description which gives in brief the account of the nature of any IT Job. IT jobs are those wherein a person from the Computer background is required to work towards a company’s profit. In this era of rapid and tremendous technological growth, each company requires abundance of staff that belongs […]

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Writing Job Descriptions

April 6, 20120 Comments

Writing Job Descriptions Keeping in view the core importance and the use of job descriptions in finding the right, skilled and high performing staffs for an association, the writing of job descriptions should be done intelligently and with clear, concisely simple written statements that effectively states the requirements and the expectations of the association for […]

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Finance Job Descriptions

November 25, 20110 Comments

v      INTRODUCTION: There has been a tremendous increase in the number of Finance related job opportunities and job positions. The job profiles are required at each and every organization, regardless of its nature of work. The growth in the sector is with the rapidly increasing growth in the Finance and Economy Sector. There are many […]

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Director Job Descriptions

November 15, 20110 Comments

v      A director is a very important and vital part of any company, organization or institution. He or she is actually the main person and responsible for running the company as he or she will have to fulfill the number of duties. He or she holds the key position to effect decisions and management. The […]

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Customer Service Job Descriptions

November 14, 20110 Comments

v      INTRODUCTION: The sector of customer service has emerged now days since the number of products getting developed had increased a lot. The customer service sector’s purpose is to provide service to the customer. The customer service is offered either before the purchase is done or during the purchase or after the purchase is done. […]

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Data Analyst Job Descriptions

October 7, 20112 Comments

Data Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions A Data Analyst is the one who analyze the date effectively for the data management regard to clients’ requests and also develops the rules and methodologies. He or she basically provides strategic and tactical support to the organization by analyzing and interpreting the data to provide creative solutions. He, […]

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Irrigation Design Engineer Job Description

October 6, 20110 Comments

Irrigation Design Engineer Job Profile and Description An irrigation systems designer is the one who design the irrigation systems either for huge farms or customized lawn care systems for homeowners. Basically he or she needs to involve the CAD (computer assisted drafting) in the final designing to get the best output. He or she works both […]

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Historic Site Administrator Job Description

October 3, 20110 Comments

Historic Site Administrator Job Profile and Description The job of a Historic Site Administrator is basically to work for the historic locations and buildings and to protect them. Their work includes raising the funds for that, administrating grants, launching the commemorative events as well as with the duty of overseeing and controlling public tours to […]

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