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Sale Director Job Description

October 14, 20130 Comments

Sale Director Job Profile and Description When it comes to the managing of the sales and marketing aspects of a company, the Sale Director plays a pivotal role. The size and nature of an organization play an important in determining the role that a sale director has to perform. But then there are certain basic […]

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Medical Tourism Director Job Description

September 14, 20120 Comments

Medical Tourism Director Job Profile and Description The Medical Tourism Director works in big travel agencies with a focus on developing travel packages for local patients who can benefit from significantly inexpensive medical treatment in select healthcare facilities, mostly in developing and 3rd world countries. Cosmetic surgeries and dental prosthetics are also cheaper in many […]

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Social Work Services Director Job Description

July 4, 20120 Comments

Social Work Services Director Job Profile and Description The role of a Social Services Director is to ensure the smooth administrative functioning of all divisions of the association. A social services director also requires overseeing the works of case managers. The director supervises the activities of the social service managers and other workers. Their main […]

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Director of Nursing Job Description

May 3, 20120 Comments

Director of Nursing Job Profile and Description A director of nursing is in charge of the performance of a nursing staff in a hospital or any other health care facility. He is primarily responsible for directing and motivating others and developing and implementing patient care services. Duties and Responsibilities The director of nursing should efficiently […]

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Media director job description

April 25, 20120 Comments

Media Director Job Profile and Description A media director plans and implements media programs in the advertising division. He oversees the media division and is responsible for managing his client’s media buying and planning needs. He interacts with ad agents or media representatives, selects the most suitable programs and also negotiates the price of the […]

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Director Manufacturing Job Description

April 17, 20120 Comments

Director Manufacturing Job Profile and Description The Director of manufacturing is a senior role and carries many responsibilities. They have to oversee all manufacturing operations in an organization. Today, all industries have this position – electronics, automobile, pharmaceutical, paper, wood, steel and food etc.  The director manufacturing reports to the president or chief executive officer […]

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Cruise Director Job Description

November 15, 20110 Comments

Cruise Director Job Profile and Description The cruise director has mainly the responsibility to supervise the ship board activities and entertainment factors in a cruise ship. He or she has to arrange the social events on board. The duty also includes taking care of managerial and administrative sectors. He or she has the responsibility to […]

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Activity Director Job Description

November 14, 20110 Comments

Activity Director Job Profile and Description The activity director is someone who has the responsibility to take care of every detail in the organization, retirement home or a college. An activity director plays a very important role in overseeing the functions In fact; it is he or she who keeps things going efficiently in an […]

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