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Telecom Job Descriptions

October 16, 20130 Comments

Telecom is a sector that is fast expanding. The growth of mobile connections is predicted to touch 1000 million in 2014. The high speed net subscribers will be 300 mn by 2015. To reach the target without any hitch and hindrance a large number of job opportunities are going to open up soon. If you […]

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Banking Services Job Description

August 3, 2013

Banking Services Job Profile and Description A person working in the bank services department is considered as the front face of the bank. He has to interact with customers, either face-to-face or over the telephone and respond to their queries. He will also help resolve all the customer problems. Banking Services Duties and Responsibilities The […]

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Warehouse Associate Job Description

October 11, 20120 Comments

Warehouse Associate Job Profile and Description The roles of a Warehouse Associate are that of completing and coordinating the day-to-day operational functions of packing, shipping, receiving and distribution of goods and supplies. A warehouse associate is required to work under the administration of warehouse manager and efficiently conduct all duties and responsibilities assigned. Most warehouse […]

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Travel Coordinator Job Description

September 22, 20120 Comments

Travel Coordinator Job Profile and Description The main responsibility of a Travel Coordinator is to coordinate and execute the travel plans and arrangements for the travelers smoothly. The job of the travel coordinator is to interact with clients, provide advice and insights about travel places and help them in selecting the best travel option. They […]

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Transportation Engineer Job Description

September 7, 20120 Comments

Transportation engineer Job Profile and Description A transportation engineer formulates plans for surface transportation projects according to established engineering standards and the government construction policy. He prepares the plans, estimates, and specifications to design transportation facilities. He also makes alterations and modifications to existing streets, highways to improve traffic flow. Duties and Responsibilities He prepares […]

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School Bus Driver Job Description

August 30, 20120 Comments

School Bus Driver Job Profile and Description School Bus Drivers are people who drive buses which transport students to school from their homes and vice versa. In the morning time they are supposed to pick up the students from certain pick-up corners or their homes and drop them at school. In the evening, after the […]

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Postal Service Mail Carriers Job Description

August 27, 20120 Comments

Postal Service Mail Carriers Job Profile and Description Postal Service Mail Carriers are tasked to transport and deliver mail to businesses and residences in cities, suburbs, municipalities and rural areas. Carriers are classified by type of delivery route—either city or rural—but their duties are similar. There are established travel routes that carriers follow in delivering […]

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Trainee Solicitor Job Description

August 16, 20120 Comments

Trainee Solicitor Job Profile and Description A Trainee solicitor gets the opportunity to develop, practice and gain knowledge about all legal matters under the guidance of his senior solicitors. Duties and Responsibilities The main job of a trainee solicitor is to develop and maintain good relationship with clients and other employees. He would be responsible […]

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Trainee Manager Job Description

August 14, 20120 Comments

Trainee manager Job Profile and Description A trainee manager assists the manager or the department head to achieve the organization’s growth objectives by finding out strategies to maximize sales and control expenses. He should fulfill his responsibilities complying with the organization’s principles of leadership, organization and objectives. Duties and Responsibilities He should comply with the […]

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Trainee Engineer Job Description

August 14, 20120 Comments

Trainee Engineer Job Profile and Description A Trainee Engineer is one who is supposed to learn ropes of engineering and implementing them in real life scenarios. Duties and Responsibilities The main job of a trainee engineer is work as per the guidelines and instructions of his manager and deliver to the best of his abilities. […]

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