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Medical Editor Job Description

April 28, 20120 Comments

Medical Editor Job Description and Profile The primary responsibility of a medical editor is to plan, coordinate, and edit medical related content for publication purposes. In addition, he or she is responsible for reviewing proposals and drafts prior to being final for publication. The medical editor is also required to decide the layouts, index the […]

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Opinion Editor Job Description

April 26, 20120 Comments

Opinion Editor Job Profile and Description The Opinion Editor performs the duty of creating accurate work that is informative and interesting at the same time. The expertise of these editors is not just limited to articles and write-ups but it also includes antics cartoons, puzzles, Sudoku, crossword, weekly horoscopes etc. He has to ensure that […]

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Executive Editor Job Description

April 23, 20120 Comments

Executive Editor Job profile and description An executive editor is an individual who looks after the editorial content of a newspaper, magazine or any kind of publication. In a newspaper house they perform the job of a newsroom leader and in the corporate world they usually organize the publishing of a book. The vision of […]

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