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Banking Retail Officer Job Description

August 5, 20130 Comments

Banking Retail Officer Job Profile and Description A banking retail officer’s job involves selling retail products and services to the bank customers but it is not done as direct sales, rather done in a subtle manner when customers walk into the bank. The retail officer first finds out what the customer’s financial goals are and […]

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Education Lawyer Job Description

April 9, 20120 Comments

Education Lawyer Job Profile and Description There are different types of Lawyers and they all work for different types of cases – divorce case, fraud case, and crime case etc-etc. An ‘Education lawyer’ helps people who face discrimination in acquiring education. An education lawyer implements the rules and regulations related to the education system. They […]

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Education IT Sales Consultant Job Description

April 3, 20120 Comments

Education IT sales consultant job description and profile With the massive boost in the IT sector, many students and professional want to take up IT education to improve their future prospects or make a change in career to IT. A number of institutes offer IT education. An education IT sales consultant provides recommendations about which […]

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Insurance Claims Processing Job Description

March 19, 20120 Comments

Insurance claims processing Job Profile and Description Insurance claims processing clerk decides on benefit claims and processes the claims for payment. He analyzes and answers questions regarding claim settlement, which may include method of payment, deductible amounts, or reason for denial Duties and Responsibilities The insurance claims processing clerk gets the required information from both […]

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Vocational Education Teacher Job Description

November 19, 20111 Comment

Vocational Education Teacher Job Profile and Description The Vocational education teachers are the one who help the students in developing their acquisitions. They may work as a teacher in a particular subject or may choose the multiple subjects according to their ability. The job calls for someone who has the personal experience in skill-based line […]

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Compensation Analyst Job Descriptions

October 7, 20110 Comments

Compensation Analyst Job Profile and Description A Compensation Analyst plays a major role in an organization. The job of a compensation analyst is to assist companies attract competent employees and keep them. He or she look into the matter of pays also and determines whether the organization is providing benefits and paying salaries that are […]

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