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Environmental Health Technician Job Description

July 21, 20120 Comments

Environmental Health Technician Job Description and Profile Under supervision, the job of an Environmental Health Technician involves carrying out water assessment and sampling at areas that are subject to green protection and health regulations. They distribute essential data and also provide grounds on health guidelines and procedures to everyone. The environment health specialist assists for […]

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Environmental Landscape Architect Job Description

October 18, 20110 Comments

Environmental Landscape Architect Job Profile and Description The work of an environmental landscape architect is basically to design land areas. They have the responsibility to protect the environment and natural habitat is fostered in an eco-friendly way. He or she may work for the government or for the private companies. The landscape architect focuses on coming […]

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Environmental Engineer Job Description

October 6, 20110 Comments

Environmental Engineer Job Profile and Description An Environmental engineer has to design projects and work as a consultant in construction projects. He or she has to use the chemical, biological, physical and the principles of engineering for solving environment related problems and employs for engineering firms, government agencies, and private companies. The Environmental engineer normally specializes […]

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