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Skin Care Specialist Esthetician Job Description

May 2, 20120 Comments

Skin Care Specialist/Esthetician Job Profile and Description Skin Care Specialists are trained to specialize in the care, prevention and treatment of skin diseases and disorders for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Licensed cosmetologists are qualified to become Skin Care Specialists. They work in beauty and health care clinics to treat facial skin disorders like acne, […]

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Esthetician Job Description

March 21, 20120 Comments

Esthetician Job Description Esthetician job profile and description The job profile of an Esthetician involves skin care treatments. They perform treatment for various skin related problems. An esthetician may work in a hotels, resort, spa, beauty salon etc-etc. They understand the needs of the clients and guide them about the available treatments and services. Esthetician […]

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