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Wholesale Executive Job Description

December 4, 20120 Comments

Wholesale Executive Job Description The Executive working in wholesale industry is responsible for increasing the company’s sales and profit by selling and representing a product or service. The wholesale executive is also responsible for promoting the goods produced by wholesale manufacturer. Duties and Responsibilities Prime responsibility of the wholesale executive is to represent the company […]

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Insurance Executive Job Description

March 19, 20120 Comments

Insurance executive Job Profile and Description The insurance business is a billion-dollar business and it is expanding more than ever before. There are various job opportunities in this field: While sales agents mainly work on the field, insurance executives consist of managerial positions and take part in the planning and strategizing process. Duties and Responsibilities […]

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HR cum Admin Executive Job Description

March 10, 20120 Comments

HR cum Admin Executive Job Profile and Description All companies need work force to operate properly and the department responsible for looking after the welfare of the work force is the HR department. As an HR cum admin executive you’d have to manage HR operations and also shoulder additional responsibilities of running the whole department, […]

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Executive Search Recruiter Job Description

March 6, 20120 Comments

Executive Search Recruiter Job Profile and Description An executive search recruiter works for companies which want to fill a senior management position and the recruiter helps these firms to find the most suitable people available for the high-level positions. Also known as head hunters, an executive search recruiter is given a description of the job, […]

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Front Office Executive Job Description

December 3, 20110 Comments

Front Office Executive Job Profile and Description A front office executive is the one who is responsible for overseeing the interaction with clients and handling their service requests. The duty includes delegating the request to the appropriate person or serves them personally. The executive has to fulfill the administrative tasks as well as front office […]

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Customer Service Executive Job Description

November 14, 20110 Comments

Customer Service Executive Job Description and Profile Customer Service Executives supposed to formulate resolution and response in a timely and accurate manner. The aim is to provide excellent customer services and establishing the expectations. The main responsibility is to define a customer service strategy of the organization such as training, technology, developing, and improving employees’ […]

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Telesales Executive Job Description

October 15, 20112 Comments

Telesales Executive Job Description and Profile Telesales Executives are basically the one who supposed to do the duty of communicating with potential customers through telephone to develop an effective pipeline. The main aim is to sell and up sell various products to clients depending upon the business needs to succeed new business and to exceed […]

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