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Financial Analyst & Personal Financial Advisor Job Description

October 14, 20110 Comments

Financial Analyst & Personal Financial Advisor Job Profile and Description The Financial Analysts & Personal Financial Advisors basically advise the clients on their different financial matters such as tax, insurance, pension plans etc… The main responsibility is to develop, prepare and implement budgets by taking into consideration the future financial needs of the organization such […]

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Financial Management Job Description

October 8, 20110 Comments

Financial Management Job Profile and Description The Financial Management specialist has to supervise and manage financial reports of the institution. The work depends up on the company’s policies. In large institution one needs to carry all kinds of financial analysis for the institution. He also oversees the cash management strategies and financial regulations pertaining to an organization. Though the tasks […]

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Credit Analyst Job Descriptions

October 7, 20110 Comments

Credit Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions The job of a credit analyst is to gather analyze the credit information on potential and creditors, maintains good customer relations by promoting business for bank and refers customers for new services to appropriate staff. A Credit Analyst’s job description entails analyzing financial information and assessing the risk of […]

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