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Food Server Waiter Waitress Job Description

July 7, 20120 Comments

Food Server Waiter Waitress Job Profile and Description If you are looking to get some income during your breaks, the easiest summer job is getting into the food business as a food server in a fast food chain or a waiter/waitress in a diner, café or pub. The process can be learned while on job […]

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Food and Agricultural Scientist Technologist Job Description

May 30, 20120 Comments

Food and Agricultural Scientist /Technologist Job Profile and Description The Food and Agriculture Scientists/Technologist harnesses the principles of microbiology, chemistry, engineering, and other sciences in studying the processing, preservation and deterioration of foods. They employ the research disciplines to analyze food content to determine nutrient levels, identify and develop new food sources and conduct research […]

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Food and Beverages Supervisor Job Description

March 24, 20120 Comments

Food and Beverages Supervisor Job Description Food and beverages supervisor job description and profile The profile of a ‘Food & Beverage Supervisor’ requires a person to plan and supervise the dining arrangements at an establishment. They oversee all operations of the place – groceries, cooking procedures, good customer service and food quality etc. This position […]

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Food and Beverage Manager Job Description

December 3, 20112 Comments

Food and Beverage Manager Job Profile and Description A food and beverage manager is someone who is responsible for managing the entire activities of food department. He or she has to work closely with the managers and executive chef. It will be the responsibility to develop and implement a sales program to fulfill the objective […]

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