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General Services Director Job Description

November 15, 20110 Comments

General Services Director Job Description and Profile The General Services Director supposed to do the planning, organizing and directing operations of the General Services Department of the company. He or she has to work under a proper direction and supervision. He or she needs to provide other support functions to departments of the company. it […]

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General Contractor Job Description

October 21, 20110 Comments

General contractor job profile and description General contractors are basically the one who supposed to ensure that the job at hand is being executed as per schedule. He or she has to ensure that work is stimulated within budgets and with high quality. They have to work based on the tender they submit to the […]

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Call Centre General Manager Job Description

October 15, 20110 Comments

Call Centre General Manager Job profile description and profile A call center general manager has the responsibility to carry out all the functions of recruitment and providing excellent customer service. A  General Manager has to perform the work of implementing, reviewing and improving the policies, procedures and over all service standards of the call centre. […]

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General Manager Job Description

October 3, 20110 Comments

General Manager Job Profile and Description The post of a general manager is one of the highest positions of the company. As it is said ‘RIGHTS COMES WITH THE RESPONSIBILITIES’ therefore   the job of a general manager consist many duties and responsibilities. He or she is actually responsible for the overall decision making of the […]

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