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Industrial Engineering Technician Job Description

July 24, 20120 Comments

Industrial engineering technician job description and profile The job of an industrial engineering specialist is to streamline the functioning of businesses by identifying methods to resolve technological troubles with the guidance of architectural principles. An industrial design specialist also monitors the development operations and gives tips to boost the production effectiveness. Industrial engineering technician duties […]

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Industrial Production Control Manager Job Description

April 17, 20120 Comments

Industrial Production Control Manager Job Profile and Description ‘Industrial Production Control Manager’ works in factories and performs duties related to production of a company. They are involved in planning, directing and organizing the different manufacturing related activities and managing the resources needed in the manufacturing process to control production costs,   increasing productivity and revenues. Industrial […]

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Industrial Engineer Job Description

November 24, 20111 Comment

Industrial Engineer Job Profile and Description The industrial engineer is the one who is responsible for revolving around determining ways. The industrial engineers have the responsibility to increase production and needs to work for increasing the efficiency of the operations. It is needed to do the people management, technology and business organization. The job is […]

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Industrial Designer Job Description

October 22, 20110 Comments

Industrial designer job description and profile An industrial designer has the responsibility to upgrade the industrial products regard to the visual appeal, usability and the quality as the sale of a product depends upon it. An industrial designer develops the appearance of a product without compromising on functionality and quality to increase it sale value. […]

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Industrial Design Job Description

October 6, 20110 Comments

Industrial design job profile and description The role of industrial design specialist is the one who design the outlets for the organizations. The industrial designer requirement is growing in stature given the focus that the commercial world is giving to it. It is important that this role is complementary to some of the other activities […]

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