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Intelligence Officer Job Description

April 10, 20120 Comments

Intelligence Officer Job Profile and Description An ‘Intelligence Officer’ is recruited by an intelligence organization for the purpose of collecting, compiling and assessing information which is important for an organization for some purposes. This type of associations mainly works in the interest of the country through assisting police and armed forces, custom agencies or other […]

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Business Intelligence Specialist Job Description

October 13, 20110 Comments

Business Intelligence Specialist Job Profile and Description A Business Intelligence Specialist is the one who supposed to fulfill a very comprehensive job to work for the intelligence department functions to implement and design the business intelligence systems and software. The chief responsibility of a business intelligence specialist is to provide BI solutions to the systems […]

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Intelligence Analyst Job Descriptions

October 7, 20110 Comments

Intelligence Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions The intelligence analyst is a highly skilled person as he or she serves mainly in the secret intelligence. He or she has to perform a detailed analysis and research techniques on confidential intelligence information for the development of strategic or tactical plans. These analysts work largely for the public […]

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