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Internet Marketing Job Profile and Description

August 26, 20130 Comments

An internet marketing professional is responsible for marketing the websites, blogs or any other online resource of his clients. He is responsible for making the web resource visitor–friendly with quality content. Duties and Responsibilities Ensure that the web resource he is marketing has content that has been set in a way for visitors to easily […]

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Director Internet Marketing Job Profile and Description

August 23, 20130 Comments

Some 10 years back, there was not a term called internet marketing, but now every company is exploring the maximum opportunities over the internet, as far as marketing is concern. Presently, in every marketing department, we find a sub department called internet marketing with the director of that department, as director internet marketing. The department […]

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Internet Researcher Job Description

May 31, 20121 Comment

Internet researcher job description and profile The internet is a huge treasure house of all types of information that are required in the everyday working of a organization or a research center. In order to capitalize the information available on the internet, a staff position called internet researcher has been formulated. The job of an […]

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