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HR Job Descriptions

October 25, 20130 Comments

HR Job Descriptions gives an overview of the kind of duties and responsibilities that are to be fulfilled by a person applying for a job in the field of Human Resource.HR jobs are closely related to administration of a department or the organisation as a whole. Human resource may be a huge department in a […]

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Marketing Job Descriptions

September 23, 20130 Comments

The description of any job in the Marketing field or department can be termed as a Marketing Job Descriptions. A person in the marketing department of a company might have one of the most interesting jobs in the organisation. An organisation may require either one or many number of marketing professionals depending upon the number […]

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Warehousing Job Descriptions

August 6, 20130 Comments

Warehousing Job Descriptions The job of warehousing is an area of work which requires the person to possess skills such as material handlers, packagers, shippers, maintenance workers and managers. This job profile basically requires skills and knowledge rather than high educational qualifications. The warehouse workers have to work at a quick pace to meet the […]

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Construction Job Descriptions

August 3, 20130 Comments

Construction field is going across a boom phase in present scenario, as this field is highly diverse. . With several projects of elevated magnitude and nominal time frame in construction industries, there is a rattling requirement of manpower resources in the market to meet the target requirements. As a new child on the block of […]

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Job Descriptions

August 2, 20130 Comments

January 10, 2013 | By job description More Job Descriptions, as the name suggests are the descriptions of a particular job or job profile. These are written documents which hold importance for those who are looking for a brief or detailed write up that explains the nature of the job; duties related to it, growth […]

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Inventory Clerk Job Description

October 1, 20120 Comments

Inventory clerk Job Profile and Description An Inventory Clerk is an entry-level expert hired by an organization to handle the day-to-day inventory responsibilities, so as to provide support to the other organizational functions. In addition to synchronizing the inward and outbound course of products, the inventory clerk is also accountable for maintaining records of quantity […]

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Oil rig manager Job Descriptions

May 23, 20120 Comments

Oil rig manager Job Profile and Description An oil rig manager, also known as a Toolpusher, is in charge of supervising the whole crew on the oil rig and also monitors the drilling activities and equipment. He is the leader who gives directions to the drillers; he conducts safety training, resolves any dispute among the […]

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Fashion Job Descriptions

November 24, 20110 Comments

Fashion is perhaps one of the oldest industries which exist in the present world. It is there since the age of ‘industrial revolution’. The general meaning of fashion is ‘clothing’ but over the years the meaning of the term got widened and now it inscribes various costumes and dressing. From outside the system, one may […]

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Banking Job Descriptions

October 8, 20110 Comments

v      INTRODUCTION: The field banking is one of the most crucial and delicate area in the job market. It is true that with the advent of modern economic and financial initiatives, frauds and crimes too have increased rhythmically unfortunately and it is a part of harsh reality now. v      BANKING JOB: As the name sounds […]

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