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Warehouse Forklift Operator Job Description

October 15, 20120 Comments

Warehouse Forklift Operator Job Profile and Description A Warehouse Forklift Operator job functions are related to shifting of goods and material from one place to another. The operator is also involved in loading and unloading processes as well as sorting and systematic handling of supplies. The forklift operator is also accountable for checking lifts prior […]

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Rail Conductor and Yardmaster Job Description

August 30, 20120 Comments

Rail Conductor and Yardmaster Job Profile and Description Rail Yardmasters occupy supervisory responsibilities in coordinating work in rail yard operations. These include building or breaking up trains, switching outbound and inbound trains to sections on the track in preparation for new destinations, and unloading of cargo on assigned tracks. Often employed in railroad yards for […]

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Insurance Producer Job Description

March 20, 20120 Comments

Insurance Producer Job Profile and Description Insurance producer is a licensed representative who gets an authorization to solicit, negotiate or sell an insurance policy according to the need and requirement of clients. Selling in this job refers to exchanging of contract in the context of insurance at the time o or an agent soliciting the […]

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Insurance Broker Job Description

March 19, 20120 Comments

Insurance broker Job Profile and Description An insurance broker has the same profile as any insurance agent. But whereas an insurance representative is a licensed agent who works for a particular company, the insurance broker is more of an independent worker and represents many companies. Duties and Responsibilities When an insurance broker initially starts his […]

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Aeronautical Engineer Job Description

November 24, 20110 Comments

Aeronautical EngineerĀ Job Profile and Description The aeronautical engineer is the one who needs to work for the overall development of the space and aircrafts. He or she needs to do the designing, developing and testing airplanes, space vehicles, missiles and related component systems. The engineer needs to design and work for a number of things. […]

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Art Director Job Description

November 14, 20110 Comments

Art Director Job Profile and Description The art director has to take the responsibility of caring the design and contour commercials, printed materials. The final result of the product very much depends upon the decision of the art director. He or she also has to take care of the electronic and digital media advertising. All […]

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