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Dental Lab Technician Job Description

July 20, 20120 Comments

Dental lab technician job description and profile The Dental Technician job involves assisting a dentist by following their orders and preparing dental crowns, bridges, moldings of the gums and teeth, prosthetics and fake teeth. They use various materials in order to arrange dental accessories. Dental lab technician job duties and responsibilities Filling out the orders […]

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Job Lab Research Job Description

July 9, 20120 Comments

Job Lab Research Student Job Profile and Description It’s not a regular thing but it’s been observed that promising students in the pure sciences can be invited or can apply as laboratory research assistants to professors conducting some commissioned research related to their field of expertise such as microbiology, psychology, physics, chemistry, etc. This is […]

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Medical Lab Technician Job Description

April 28, 20120 Comments

Medical Lab Technician Job Profile and Description A medical facility cannot without a proper medical laboratory and Medical Lab Technician is the person who runs the operation of the medical lab. He carries out complex medical laboratory tests, which are required to carry out proper diagnoses and treatments. Hence, he has to possess adequate knowledge […]

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