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Laundry Coordinator Job Description

March 24, 20120 Comments

Laundry Coordinator Job Description Laundry Coordinator Job Description and Profile The job profile of a ‘Laundry Coordinator’ requires a person to oversee and perform the laundering operations at an establishment – clothes, linen, bedding and other washable articles.  He/she needs to perform all related tasks to the department like inventory of laundry, stocks, supplies & […]

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Laundry Manager Job Description

December 3, 20112 Comments

Laundry Manager Job Description and Profile A laundry manager is someone who is basically the in charge of the laundry management and has the responsibility to outlook that all laundry are washed and recorded in accordance with the management rules and procedures. He or she has to report to the immediate manage. The laundry manager […]

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