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Construction Logistics Coordinator Job Description

July 24, 20130 Comments

Construction Logistics Coordinator Job Profile and Description The job of the construction logistics coordinator is to plan and initialize the all field activities related to construction process. Their work is to ensure that the construction site is all cleaned up and has to plan surveys and logistics of the site. It is the coordinator’s job […]

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Logistics Sales Director Job Description

October 4, 20120 Comments

Logistics Sales Director Job Profile and Description Third party logistics (3PL) service providers offer their warehouse space to corporate customers in the export and import businesses as well as local suppliers outsourcing their inventory space requirements permanently or in the interim. To this end, the Logistics Sales Director heads a team of Logistics Sales Account […]

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Logistics Job Description

April 18, 20120 Comments

Logistics Job Profile and Descriptions The Logistics jobs carry the responsibility of shifting goods of the clients to the directed place through a systematic procedure. The job involves storage of goods, preparing the papers and planning and handling the movement. They may have to participate in handling various jobs like warehousing, customer service, and transportation. […]

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