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Catering Manager Job Description

March 21, 20120 Comments

Catering Manager Job Description Catering Manager Job Profile and Description The job profile of a ‘Catering Manager’ requires a person to plan, and manage the food and beverage services of an establishment. It is the responsibility of a catering manager to meet the expectations of the customers by providing excellent service. A Catering manger may […]

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Housekeeping Manager Job Description

December 3, 20111 Comment

Housekeeping Manager Job Profile and Description The housekeeping manager is the one who is responsible for overseeing the planning, organizing, and developing of the overall operation of the housekeeping department. He or she has to ensure that they are in accordance with federal, state, and local standards and guidelines along with assuring the highest degree […]

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Finance Manager Job Description

November 25, 20110 Comments

Finance Manager Job profile and Description The Finance Manager is the one who is basically a professional and supposed to advise and support the clients for making the sound business choices. The duties and responsibilities depend upon the size of the firm. The manager needs to collect and operate accounts in a small firm and […]

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Engineering Director/Manager Job Description

November 24, 20110 Comments

Engineering Director/Manager Job Profile and Description The engineering management position is the one which can be a manager, director or even a VP. They are generally employed in a large company that employs a staff of engineers. The engineering director needs to supervise the team of engineers and manage the corporate resources as well. He […]

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Construction Manager Job Description

October 18, 20110 Comments

Construction Manager Job profile and Description A construction manager who is also known as a project manager is responsible for planning, co-ordination and control of a construction project from its inception to the time it is completed. He or she basically has to ensure that the client’s requirements regarding the functionality and standards are met […]

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Distribution Branch Manager Job Description

October 8, 20110 Comments

Distribution branch manager job profile and description The distribution branch manager has to do a comprehensive job of identifying opportunities for improving the way of the local issues. He or she has to do the vital job of dealing with the aspects of the business management world working on a satellite basis. At the same […]

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Bankruptcy/Insolvency Manager Job Description

October 8, 20110 Comments

Bankruptcy/Insolvency Manager Job Profile and Description The bankruptcy or insolvency manager is the one who supposed to handle the crisis management task meant to minimize the company’s exposure to financial losses due to imminent or actual default of loans. The situations create when  banks or creditors face the prospect of corporate debtors default on loans […]

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