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Truck Fleet Maintenance Manager Job Profile and Description

September 11, 20130 Comments

A Truck Fleet Maintenance Manager plays an administrative as well as a technical role in an organization. An individual in this role is responsible for the service, maintenance and upkeep of the fleet of trucks. Transport companies, manufacturing units, warehouses and other such facilities, primarily hire such recruits. Persons in this profile are also required […]

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Maintenance Manager Job Profile and Description

September 7, 20130 Comments

The position of a Maintenance Manager is of great significance in any organisation as they are responsible for the entire upkeep and maintenance of a facility. Individuals in such roles also require executing their administrative and organisational skills for ensuring that all maintenance activities are seamlessly completed. Maintenance managers are largely accountable for uphold the […]

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Marketing Manager Job Profile and Description

August 29, 20130 Comments

Marketing Manager’s job involves developing, establishing and maintaining marketing strategies to achieve the objectives of an organization. Their key role is to manage effectively the advertising, promotional and marketing activities of the company. Marketing manager evaluates market conditions, customer research, competitor data and implements the changes in marketing plan as required. Duties and Responsibilities Developing […]

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Transportation Job Description

September 7, 20120 Comments

Transportation Job Profile and Description A transportation job is that kind of work which is related to any transportation-related activity of an organization or establishment like airports, stations etc. One may need to coordinate with drivers and maintain the schedule or be involved with checking security at places like airports. Depending on the job profile, […]

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Security Manager Job Description

June 26, 20120 Comments

Security Manager Job Profile and Description The role of a Security Manager of an company or facility is a combination of Security Administrator, Consultant and Security Advisor. He is responsible for overseeing the safety of the personnel, security of material and information of an company from physical assault, fraud, industrial espionage/sabotage and arson by competitors […]

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Disaster Recovery Manager Job Description

June 20, 20120 Comments

Disaster Recovery Manager Job Profile and Description An Internet Disaster Recovery Manager supervises the work of the individuals responsible for computer and IT security inside an organization. But, due to the present day threats of internet hacking, phishing and sabotage by business competitors and most importantly, physical assaults by terrorists, he now additionally performs the […]

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Sales Manager Job Description

June 15, 20120 Comments

Sales Manager Job Profile and Description A Sales Director is accountable for managing a team of sales reps, which presents customers with new goods and services, thereby helping the company make profits and make the business more successful. He is in charge of establishing sales objectives and making sure that those objectives are met by […]

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Visual Merchandising Manager Job Description

June 6, 20120 Comments

Visual Merchandising Manager Job Profile and Description Luring consumers and increasing the footfall of the store by attractively displaying products and merchandise, is the key role of a Visual Merchandiser. This profile requires someone  to possess a great deal of creativity and innovative talent. Visual merchandisers are mostly required to work at retail outlets and […]

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Department Store Manager Job Description

June 4, 20120 Comments

Department Store Manager Job Profile and Description The job of a Department Store Manager is of immense responsibility and accountability, wherein an individual is required to oversee and maintain smooth functioning of all divisions of the store. An aspirant for this position is basically required to look into all administrative, management and organizational functions and […]

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Oil rig manager Job Descriptions

May 23, 20120 Comments

Oil rig manager Job Profile and Description An oil rig manager, also known as a Toolpusher, is in charge of supervising the whole crew on the oil rig and also monitors the drilling activities and equipment. He is the leader who gives directions to the drillers; he conducts safety training, resolves any dispute among the […]

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