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Materials Manager Job Description

October 4, 20120 Comments

Materials Manager Job Profile and Description Typically, a Materials Manager is also known as a purchase manager and is liable for planning, procurement, storage, control, and distribution of excellents and synchronizing all work functions with the purchasing division and vendors. Quality maintenance and budget compliance also fall under the purview of the Material Manager’s profile. […]

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Telecommunications Manager Job Description

August 6, 20120 Comments

Telecommunications manager Job Profile and Description A telecommunications manager plans and directs the staff, comprising supervisors and technical workers, in the installation, maintenance and operation of telecom networks and equipment. He supervises the development and installation of new sites and facilities, and performs other management-related duties as and when required. Duties and Responsibilities A manager […]

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Legal Commercial Manager Job Description

April 10, 20120 Comments

Legal commercial manager job description and profile The job profile of a ‘Legal Commercial Manager’ involves handling legal aspects of all the operations in an organization. They are involved in planning strategies and measures that ensure legal protection to all commercial activities of an organization. A legal commercial provides expert legal advice and opinion about […]

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Pub Manager Job Description Job Description

March 24, 20120 Comments

Pub Manager Job Description Job Description Pub Manager Job Profile and Description: A Pub is a place where drinks and snacks are served. This place also has arrangements for entertainment – music & dance. This is totally a casual setting with light environment. At a bar, people come to enjoy drinking while dancing and watching […]

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HR Business Manager Job Description

March 10, 20120 Comments

HR Business Manager Job Profile and Description A company cannot run without managers – they are supposed to guide the company through thick and thin and ensure that the company continues to churn profits for the owners and employees. An HR business manager has a very crucial role to play towards the growth of a […]

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Event Manager Job Description

December 3, 20110 Comments

Event Manager Job Profile and Description An event manager is a person who has the responsibility oversee all aspects of an event and has to work on the behalf of the management. Basically, the event manager works behind the scenes. He or she has the duty to run and supervise the event properly. He or […]

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Money Market Manager Job Description

November 28, 20110 Comments

Money Market Manager Job Profile and Description The money market manager is the one who has the responsibility to ensure that the idle cash in hand or cash in banks become productive assets. He or she has to report to the cash management director or VP. The main responsibility is to constantly monitor the company’s […]

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Tax Specialist/Manager Job Description

November 28, 20110 Comments

Tax Specialist/Manager Job Profile and Description The tax specialist is basically employed in the companies in their accounting departments to advise the head comptroller or CFO on the payment options for minimizing tax exposures. The responsibility is to look out for the ways to minimize tax exposures on new businesses, non business assets, mergers and […]

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Theater Manager Job Description

October 4, 20110 Comments

Theater Manager Job Profile and Description A theater manager plays a very important role in handling the theater programs and the job includes a number of responsibilities. He or she is responsible for the production arrangements of artistic work and for that creative and commercial skills will be needed. A theatre manager leads the publicity and marketing policies of […]

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