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Client Solution Manager Job Description and Profile

October 29, 20130 Comments

A client solution manager forms a connection between the customer base and the company. It is a job that is found in the marketing and advertising sector. A client solution manager oversees the advertisement campaigns undertaken for clients and ensures that everything is done as per the satisfaction of the clients. The job has a […]

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Mainframe Systems Manager Job Description

April 4, 20120 Comments

Mainframe Systems Manager Job Profile and Description Mainframe Systems Managers work in data centers of large banks, airlines and telecommunications companies that use mainframe IBM or Amdahl computers at the heart of their computing platforms. They manage the CPU and data storage OS that are configured to feed data or interface with customer-server systems with […]

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Banquet Manager Job Description

March 21, 20120 Comments

Banquet Manager Job Description Banquet manager job description and profile The job profile of a ‘Banquet Manager’ requires a person to manage different kinds of events at a Banquet hall. The banquet manager handles the overall operations of a banquet hall – food arrangements, seating arrangements, decoration of the hall, entertainment arrangements and other related […]

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HR Assistant Manager Job Description

March 10, 20120 Comments

HR Assistant Manager Profile and Description For every big company, there is a HR Department to manage their huge staff. HR Assistant Manager plays a big part in smooth operation of the department. As the name suggests, they assist in operations of the department’s duties and tasks on daily basis. The work is often in […]

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Refunds Manager Job Description

November 26, 20110 Comments

Refunds Manager Job Profile and Description The refunds managers are required in some industries to process and adjudicate refund requests. It will be the responsibility to make sure the verification that the customer’s money has indeed entered the company’s accounts. It is also needed to oversee that the refund has been cleared by higher management. […]

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