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Communications Manager Job Description and Profile

October 29, 20130 Comments

The job of a communications manager is to oversee all communication related activities such as public addresses, press conferences, addressing the employees, releasing press notes and all other incoming and outgoing communications from the company. He has a responsibility to uphold the brand value and reputation of the company in the market. Communications Manager Duties […]

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Complaints Manager Job Description and Profile

October 26, 20130 Comments

Complaints manager of a company ensures that customers are satisfied with the services offered by the company and minimizes the number of complaints. He will have to directly interact with customers as well as provide troubleshooting solutions. A complaints manager is also an important bridge between customers and the company. He is also called relations […]

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Market Research Manager Job Description and Profile

September 19, 20130 Comments

The job of a market research manager is to decide between the various courses of action available for best marketing and take measures to implement them. He confers with his team of market research analysts and chooses the best option. The job also entails preparing concise reports based on the market scenario and making the […]

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Fashion Marketing Manager Job Profile and Description

September 17, 20130 Comments

A Fashion Marketing Manager is responsible for publicizing and enhancing the awareness about a particular brand of fashion item that can be of any type from the designer labels to that of those in the departmental stores. Professionals employed in the fashion-marketing field require good amount of experience about this field. Until and unless they […]

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Trade Show Manager Job Profile and Description

September 16, 20130 Comments

A Trade Show Manager looks after the production of expositions in general. They generally take care of the trade shows or exhibitions sponsored by professional societies or associations. Packaging every show before its sale is the prime responsibility of a trade show manger. Basically, they coordinate and manage any kind of trade shows, corporate events […]

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Service Manager Job Profile and Description

September 10, 20130 Comments

Service Manager Job Profile and Description The job description of the service manager is varied and wide which includes ensuring of the smooth functioning of the organization and satisfying the customer’s needs. This professional helps in the developing of the customer service strategies for the welfare of the organization. These people need to carry out […]

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Public Relations Manager Job Profile and Description

September 4, 20130 Comments

The Public Relations Manager heads a team of communication specialists who are responsible for creating, maintaining and defending the company’s general reputation and positive brand recognition before the general public which includes its markets. The public relations manager is often the company spokesperson who appears in broadcast and print media in situations where corporate information, […]

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Golf Club Manager Job Profile and Description

September 3, 20130 Comments

The responsibility of the Golf Club Manager is to supervise the operation and maintenance of the Gold Course. The Golf Club Manager’s duties include everything from the job of supervising the personnel who is responsible for looking after the golf course, driving range to making sure that the rules and regulations related to the facility […]

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Consulting Manager Job Description and Profile

September 3, 20130 Comments

The consulting manager’s job is to make sure that the output of the company is high, there is a low cost of production and the profitability is high. Their job is to analyze the conditions that exist in the company and provide solutions that help in increasing productivity and profitability of the company. They can […]

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Amusement Park Manager Job Profile and Description

August 31, 20130 Comments

The job of the Amusement Park Manager is to take responsibility of the daily operations related to the park.  He is responsible for efficiently carrying out functions related to customer experience, tactical planning, monitoring safety etc. He has to make sure that the experience of the visitors in the park is an exceptional one so […]

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