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Marketing Officer Job Profile and Description

August 24, 20130 Comments

The job of a Marketing officer is to coordinate various marketing activities of an organization. His job consists of developing various marketing concepts, endorsements, managing special events and promotional seminars for a product or services. Duties and Responsibilities Develop good relations with media and staff. Perform the duties assigned by the marketing manager. Organize marketing […]

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Mortgage Accounts Officer Job Description

November 26, 20110 Comments

Mortgage Accounts Officer Job Profile and Description The mortgage accounts officer is the one who are basically the lending officers of a large banking operation. They are specialized in the processing consumer loans secured by residential property. The main responsibility is to evaluate the property values based on appraised market prices. He or she has […]

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Court Clerk Job Description

October 3, 20110 Comments

Court Clerk Job Profile and Description: A court clerk is basically related to the court and as the name sounds the job of a court clerk is to maintain and keep court records. They are also sometimes called clerk to the court or clerk of (the) court. They are also appropriately titled after the type […]

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