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Travel Operations Manager Job Description

September 26, 20120 Comments

Travel Operations Manager Job Profile and Description The responsibility of the Travel Operations Manager is to oversee the operations for the travel and also during the travel. The travel operations manager should provide his inputs and expertise in the process of formulating new travel packages, charting new travel itineraries and other kinds of travel promotional […]

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Operations Research Analyst Job Description

June 1, 20120 Comments

Operations Research Analyst Job Description Operations research (OR) analysts are referred to as Management Scientists who are basically problem solvers. They are tasked to apply analytical research methods and mathematical models that assist management with policy formulation, organizational changes and other solutions to operational problems. The OR analyst focuses on practical workable solutions to address […]

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Medical Operations Manager Job Description

April 28, 20120 Comments

Medical Operations Manager Job and Profile The primary responsibility of the medical operations manager is assuming the operational performance of one or more groups of physicians. Some of the responsibilities of the incumbent include managing the complete billing procedure, revenue cycle management, maintaining customer relationships, denial and reimbursement management, and payer contracting. In addition, the […]

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Manufacturing Operations Job Description

April 18, 20120 Comments

Manufacturing Operations Job Description and Profile The job position of a ‘Manufacturing Operations Manager’ carries the responsibility of making it sure that the production operations run smooth for an organization. They have to oversee the different activities related to production and personnel. This position is mostly found in the large scale production industries. They have […]

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Airline Catering Operations Manager Clerk Job Description

April 17, 20120 Comments

Airline Catering Operations Manager Job Profile and Description The job profile of an ‘Airline Catering Operations Manager’ requires a person to take care of the whole catering activities for an establishment and provide excellent customer service. They have to oversee everything – food production, catering staff, supplies, and inventories etc. Airline Catering Operations Manager Duties […]

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Call Center Operations Manager Job Description

October 15, 20111 Comment

Call Center Operations Manager Job Description and Profile The job of an Operations Manager is basically to determine the long range objectives and goals to meet business operations expectations. The responsibility includes co operating with the call center manager and other seniors. The job entails ensuring the execution of business plan in an efficient and […]

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Business Operations Manager Job Description

October 14, 20110 Comments

Business Operations Manager Job Profile and Description A Business Operations Manger who is also known as general managers or operations manager. He or she is responsible for planning and organizing the activities of business so has to supervise and coordinate the affairs of the company. The position has not only lot of authority and responsibility […]

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Operations Analyst Job Description

October 7, 20110 Comments

Operations Analyst Job Profile and Description An operations analyst is the one who basically has to confirm to the company’s goals with an independent determination and course of action. He or she is responsible for the organizations operational and strategic objectives are met on relevant projects and to ensure that the company goals and objectives […]

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Operations administrator Career Description

October 4, 20110 Comments

Operations Administrator Career Description An operations administrator plays a very important role in a company or the organization as he or she will have to do a number of tasks which are very important to the company. The duty includes first of all overseeing all the operations in various departments of the firm. He or […]

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Operations Administrator Job Description

October 4, 20110 Comments

Operations Administrator Job Profile and Description The Operations Administrator is the one who directs the different finance affairs of the business. An operation administrator has to do the work related to updating the catalogues He or she is also responsible for the processing of the daily operations and documentations of invoices, paperwork, and transactions. An […]

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