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Personal Injury Solicitors Job Description

April 10, 20120 Comments

Personal Injury Solicitors Job Profile and Description A ‘Personal Injury Solicitor’ is a lawyer who takes legal cases related to personal injury and defends their client in court. They appeal for their clients who are injured party either through physical or mental psychological damages. Their primary focus is on civil litigations and, the types of […]

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Financial Analyst & Personal Financial Advisor Job Description

October 14, 20110 Comments

Financial Analyst & Personal Financial Advisor Job Profile and Description The Financial Analysts & Personal Financial Advisors basically advise the clients on their different financial matters such as tax, insurance, pension plans etc… The main responsibility is to develop, prepare and implement budgets by taking into consideration the future financial needs of the organization such […]

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Personal Assistant Job Description

October 4, 20110 Comments

Personal Assistant Job Profile and Description The job of a personal assistant is to provide support to the administrator. A personal assistant is appointed to do the common jobs of a secretary such as arrange meetings, attend calls and initiate company conversations. Basically, this appointment does multitasking functions all related to assist the administrator. Generally, personal […]

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