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Visual Merchandising Planner Job Description

June 7, 20120 Comments

Visual Merchandising Planner Job Profile and Description The profile of a Visual Merchandising Planner is of conceptualizing the visual display of a store to instigate sale and generate revenue for the store. A person in this position is entrusted with the responsibility of driving customers to the store through their innovative bent of mind. A […]

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Manufacturing Planner Job Description

April 18, 20120 Comments

Manufacturing Planner Job Profile and Description The job profile of a ‘Manufacturing Planner’ involves administration of the manufacturing schedules in a factory. They handle the manufacturing operations and the transportation of the finished goods. Duties and Responsibilities – Handling and overseeing the manufacturing cycle of a product. Liaise with the sales, and other departments Ensuring […]

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Maintenance Planner Job Description

April 12, 20120 Comments

Maintenance Planner Job Description Maintenance Planner Job Profile and Description With the increasing numbers of automated production plants and manufacturing units, the job of a Maintenance Planner is gaining importance day by day. Individuals of such jobs are responsible for the repair, servicing and smooth functioning of all machinery and equipments in a plant or […]

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