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Travel Group Travel Planner Job Description

September 24, 20120 Comments

Travel Group Travel Planner Job Profile and Description In large tourist travel bureaus or corporations that often send project teams overseas on business trips, the Group Travel Planner is the person in charge of providing group travel arrangements, ensuring the most cost effective travel for the sponsoring organization. Group Travel Planners have the experience of […]

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Media Planner Job Description

April 25, 20120 Comments

Media Planner Job Profile and Description Media planners help their customers to maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns in a particular medium — print, broadcast or internet. By ensuring that the campaigns reach the desired audiences, media planners help in generating revenues for their customers. In order to do that they need to formulate […]

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Assistant Event Planner and Description

December 3, 20110 Comments

Assistant Event Planner Job Profile and Description An assistant event planner is the one who has the duty to be involved in the planning and execution of an event. He or she has the duty to plan and coordinate functions. He or she has the responsibility to ensure that operations run smoothly. The duty includes […]

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Town Planner Job Description

October 22, 20110 Comments

Town planner job description and profile A town planner has to fulfill a very vital job as he or she plays a very important role in the development of infrastructure in cities, towns and villages. There are a number of duties and responsibilities such as preparing blueprints of town plans by taking various factors into […]

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