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Copywriter Job description

March 30, 20120 Comments

Copywriter Job Profile & Description Copywriters are a very dedicated type of writers. They prepare market oriented articles for use in for broadcasting or publications. They also write other materials to promote different products. They often work with the client to create advertising slogans and themes and may be involved in the actual advertising of […]

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Therapist Job Description

March 24, 20120 Comments

Therapist Job Description Therapist Job Profile and Description A Therapist is required to perform different procedures in medical field. He/she treats people with disabilities and age problems. A therapist generally works at a hospital, orthopedic treatment center and rehabilitation facility. They provide a wide range of treatments to patients. Duties and Responsibilities – Scheduling, arranging […]

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Hotel Job Description

March 24, 20120 Comments

Sample Hotel Job Description Sample hotel job description and profile   There are different types of Hotel jobs available today – waiter, chef, asst. chef, manager etc. Hotel industry is directly related to hospitality and hence, customer service is the most vital part of this industry. Sample hotel job duties and responsibilities – Ensuring excellent […]

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Beauty Therapist Job Description

March 21, 20121 Comment

Beauty Therapist Job Description Beauty Therapist Job Profile and Description A Beauty therapist performs out facial and body treatments on people to enhance their looks and improve their well-being sense. A beauty therapist performs a wide range of services – massage, body & skin enhancement treatments etc-etc. Duties and Responsibilities – Understanding client requirements & […]

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HR Administrator Job Description

March 6, 20120 Comments

HR Administrator Job Profile and Description HR administrator’s job entails providing HR administrative support on day-to-day basis and contributing to the long-run development of HR function in specific during an initial phase of recruitment growth and development. HR administrator supports the HR Advisor and HR Manager in providing a comprehensive Hr service to managers and […]

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Zoologist Job Description

December 1, 20110 Comments

Zoologist Job Profile and Description The Zoologists are basically the professionals who are the specialist in a particular field of life sciences. He or she has to be specialized in the facets of animal life and behavior. The job calls for someone who has the proper knowledge of different aspects of animal science. They work […]

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Cosmetologist Job Description

November 29, 20110 Comments

Cosmetologist job description and profile The cosmetologist is the one who is responsible for the taking care of the cosmetic needs of people. A cosmetologist generally works in spa centers, beauty salons, hair salons, hospitals, fitness centers, resorts and star hotels. He or she has to do the skin care, hair care, analysis of skin […]

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Treasury Professional Job Description

November 28, 20110 Comments

Treasury Professional Job Profile and Description The treasury professional supposed to take care of all the functional area of the treasury.  They are directly accountable to VP and Chief Treasurer.  He or she has to take care of areas like tax, payables, accounting, audit and receivables. The duty includes managing all the cash of the […]

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Finance Director Job profile and Description

November 25, 20110 Comments

Finance Director Job profile and Description The Finance director is the one who has the responsibility to do the effective management of any financial risks in a company. Basically the financial director is a subordinate to the CEO so reports directly to them and sometimes directly to the board of directors in some companies. The […]

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Finance Engineer Job Description

November 24, 20110 Comments

Finance Engineer Job Profile and Description The Financial engineers are the one who has the responsibility to build financial tools and for the creation of the financial products. The engineer has to create the models by using the mathematics and statistics along with computer programming They devise instruments which can prefigure movements in price. Finance […]

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