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Manufacturing Process Engineer Job Description

April 18, 20120 Comments

Manufacturing Process Engineer Job Profile and Description The Manufacturing process engineers are the professionals who perform the technical duties in an organization. They are involved in the development of business processes to improve the efficiency and increase the profits of a manufacturing facility. They are involved in the overall process design and, they suggest procedures […]

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Legal Process Supervisor Job Description

April 10, 20120 Comments

Legal Process Supervisor Job Description and Profile This job profile involves coordination and management of activities of the staff in a legal processing department. They have to develop, examine and apply policies that are based on department specific and legal requirements. A Legal Process Supervisor also performs various tasks and duties in the office. Duties […]

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Process Server Job Description

March 30, 20120 Comments

Process server job description and profile The job of a process server comprises of serving summons, subpoenas and show cause notices to the defendant involved in legal cases. It is a job that requires a person to travel long distances in order to find the defendant and issue summons. The process servers are hired by […]

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Call Center Process Specialist Job Description

October 15, 20110 Comments

Call Center Process Specialist¬†Job Profile and Description A call centre process specialist has to perform a vital job as they have to perform account maintenance functions like rate plans and feature changes. He or she has to processes orders received by phones and e-mails from business representatives, retail representatives and other agents in a call […]

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