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Purchasing Agent Job Profile and Description

August 22, 20130 Comments

A purchasing agent is responsible for the purchasing activities and procurement on the projects assigned to him. They coordinate the activities involved with the dealing of goods and services. This includes the raw materials, parts, tools, equipments and advertising for establishment. They specify and prepare inquiries for purchasing and invoice auditing for the equipment that […]

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Travel Writer Job Description

September 28, 20120 Comments

Travel writer job description and profile A travel writer’s job is very adventurous and interesting. He gets to travel to different locales, study the area and write a description about it to be published in magazines or newspapers. They may either be freelance writers or work for a travel organization. Travel writer job duties and […]

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Data Architect Job Description

April 3, 20120 Comments

Data Architect Job Profile and Description A data architect performs the role of a data modeler and beyond by preparing database models and planning their development. The oversight of the team working on data structure and design is done by him as he takes the leading position in the team. He is the technical resource […]

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Physical Therapist Job Profile & Description

November 29, 20110 Comments

The Physical therapists are generally required in the various orthopedic treatment centers and rehabs for curing people. It is needed to treat the patients who are injured and aged people of their ailments. The therapist has the responsibility to retain. Recover and monitor the functions, endurance and flexibility and also relieve pain associated with certain […]

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Theater Stage Director Job Description

November 16, 20110 Comments

Theater Stage Director Job Profile and Description Stage productions are considered more demanding as they are real time performances. The theater stage director has to interpret scripts, choose cast and music materials, conduct rehearsals like any other film director. It will be the responsibility to direct the support activities of the crew. He or she […]

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Assistant Director Job Description

November 14, 20110 Comments

Assistant Director Job Profile and Description The Assistant Directors plays an equally important role in preparing a movie for they assist the directors in every step. The assistant directors are basically like the supporting pillars. They have to perform many jobs such as looking after day to day developments and the unexpected situations as well.  […]

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