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Motor Vehicle License Examiner Operator Job Description

August 25, 20120 Comments

Motor Vehicle License Examiner Job Profile and Description Working in the Division of Motor Vehicles of the state, the MV License Examiner, also called driver’s license examiner, or licensing registration examiner, is the officer responsible for rejecting or approving a resident’s quest to obtain the type of driver’s license applied for. The MV License Examiner […]

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Trainee Solicitor Job Description

August 16, 20120 Comments

Trainee Solicitor Job Profile and Description A Trainee solicitor gets the opportunity to develop, practice and gain knowledge about all legal matters under the guidance of his senior solicitors. Duties and Responsibilities The main job of a trainee solicitor is to develop and maintain good relationship with clients and other employees. He would be responsible […]

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Sales Intern Job Description

July 10, 20120 Comments

Sales intern Job Profile and Description Students pursuing management studies often work as sales interns to get hands-on, real-life business training and experience. This helps them to broaden their understanding of a company’s objectives, environment, techniques and strategies to maximise sales and bring profits to the organisation. Duties and Responsibilities The sales intern must learn […]

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Advertising Copy Writer Job Description

July 6, 20120 Comments

Advertising Copy Writer Job Description Job Profile and Description Copywriters are responsible for generating the words, slogans and audio scripts that accompany advertising visuals. Advertising Copy Writer Duties and Responsibilities Meet and discuss with lead copy writers, advertising account managers and clients to get a good grasp of client’s marketing requirements for branding, product positioning, […]

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Programmer Analyst Job Descriptions

October 7, 20110 Comments

Programmer Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions A Programmer Analyst is an individual who performs various activities such as creating, writing, reviewing, and modifying computer software for an organization or for an external client. A Programmer analyst or a project manager collects and researches information regarding the performance of software by encoding, debugging, testing and then […]

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Entomologist Job Description

October 6, 20110 Comments

Entomologist Job Description and Profile The job of an entomologist is basically to do the work for the classification, identification and control of various insects which have bad effect on environment under general direction. An entomologist knows well taxonomy and the economies of insects categorized as plant pests and other mollusks and arthropods and especially […]

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Biologist Job Description

October 5, 20110 Comments

Biologist Job Profile and Description A biologist is the one who studies about the origin and development of animal life.  They studies and do the research about the basic principles of their anatomy. They also studies about the functions and their relationship with the environment. They used to collect and interpret the environmental effects of […]

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Museum Archivist Job Description

October 3, 20110 Comments

Museum Archivist Job Profile and Description The Museum Archivists has to ensure the authenticity and preservation of historical and cultural documents. They can be specialize in such areas because as it is a very crucial and vital job in the areas such as  historic scientific papers and drawings, architectural blueprints of historic structures, medical manuscripts, […]

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