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Housing Lawyer Job Description

April 9, 20120 Comments

Housing Lawyer Job Profile and Description A ‘Housing Lawyer’ is required to build the legal aspects of the transactions related to housing and, also in taking proceedings for housing disputes. Their work mainly involves preparing documents like deeds, lease and mortgage documents etc-etc. Housing Lawyer Duties and Responsibilities – Advising the clients, help them understand […]

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Real Estate Consultant Job Description

October 25, 20110 Comments

Real estate consultant profile and description The real estate consultant is the one who has to provide buyers with a house. The consultants have to deal with the residential and commercial estate. He or she has to make sure that the requirements of the clients meet exactly. The job of a real estate agent and […]

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Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents Job Description

October 14, 20110 Comments

Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents Job Profile and Description The real estate brokers and sales agents are basically the one who sell or rent property and thus earn commissions on the rental or sale of the property while there are some who sell private homes and there are many who specialize in commercial property. […]

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Property Accounting Administrator Job Description

October 4, 20110 Comments

Property Accounting Administrator Job Profile and Description The job of a Property Accounting Administrator is basically to supervise a team of accountants related to fixed property in which each assigned to various types of accounts or by geographies. The job also includes the productive use of the properties as well as has to do the […]

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