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Domestic IT Recruiter Job Description

April 3, 20120 Comments

Domestic IT recruiter job description and profile With the influx of information technology into all walks of life, almost every business and organization uses and depends on IT for its operations. In such a scenario, it is important to hire IT professionals who are efficient and can work for the development of the company. A […]

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Executive Search Recruiter Job Description

March 6, 20120 Comments

Executive Search Recruiter Job Profile and Description An executive search recruiter works for companies which want to fill a senior management position and the recruiter helps these firms to find the most suitable people available for the high-level positions. Also known as head hunters, an executive search recruiter is given a description of the job, […]

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Recruiter Job Description

October 14, 20110 Comments

Recruiter Job Profile and Description The Recruiters are the one who has the duty to make qualified candidates fill vacancies of the organizations and they also can work upon the contract basis. Recruiters can be of different types; such as some recruiters work for outside staffing agencies, others work as full-time human resources specialists. They […]

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