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Banking Sales Representative Job Description

August 8, 20130 Comments

Banking Sales Representative Job Profile and Description The main job of a banking sales representative is to sell banking products and services to customers. A banking sales representative makes use of tax, account, economics and financial skills to review a customer’s data and financial needs and suggest investment opportunities to help the customer meet his […]

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Wholesale Representative Job Description

December 12, 20120 Comments

Wholesale Representative Job Description Wholesale Representative is responsible for selling or representing a organization’s products to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, Institutions, Government Bodies and individual consumers. The job entails creating, building and maintaining the interest of the purchaser in the organization’s merchandise. They demonstrate and advise the buyers on benefits of their products towards cost reduction […]

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Veterans Representative Job Description

June 28, 20120 Comments

Veterans Representative Job Description and Profile Under direction, the Job of Veterans Representative involves interviewing, advising and assisting all veterans as well as their families and dependents in obtaining state, local and federal entitlements. He likewise performs all task and duties as required of him to do. Duties and Specifications Evaluates important data and information […]

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Marketing Representative Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Marketing Representative Job Profile and Description A Marketing Representative is the person who is accountable for creating interest about a product or service for a business. He is accountable for assisting a variety of promotion actions and is the main chain between the client and the manufacturer. Duties and Responsibilities – A marketing associate goes […]

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Medical Insurance Representative Job Description

March 20, 20120 Comments

Medical Insurance Representative Job Profile and Description Working as a Medical Insurance Representative means that you will be selling this unique product. You will have to meet client groups and discuss entry criteria with them. The role involves some contractual duties which will have significance in case there is a claim on the policy. You […]

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Insurance Group Representative Job Description

March 19, 20120 Comments

Insurance Group Representative Job Profile and Description The Insurance Group Representative will be responsible for implementing the marketing strategy that has been agreed by the senior executives within the company. You will be dealing with all matters that relate to the buying and selling of insurance policies. It might be necessary for you to coordinate […]

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Sample Individual Health Insurance Representative Job Description

March 19, 20120 Comments

Individual Health Insurance Representative Job Profile and Description The work of an Individual Health Insurance Representative involves working closely with clients. You will need to set up meetings with individuals who may require coverage. The role will require you to discuss their specifications and present a package that is suitable for their needs. You will […]

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Help Desk Representative Job Profile and Description

March 6, 20120 Comments

Help Desk Representative Job Profile and Description A help desk representative, also known as a technical support or customer service representative, helps a customer by answering his queries, diagnosing and troubleshooting technical problems and then finding out an appropriate solution. The representative also updates systems, writes reports, and redirects problems to the senior management if […]

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Customer Service Representative Job Description

November 14, 20110 Comments

Customer Service Representative Job Profile and Description A customer service representative has the main duty to serve customers the best services. The job basically entails offering service to the quires of the customers and educating them. They are generally appointed in almost all the organizations to serve customers with best services. The job of a customer […]

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Telemarketing Representative Job Description

October 15, 20110 Comments

Telemarketing representative Job Description and Job Profile A telemarketing representative is the one who has to work for increasing the client base and persuading them for buying the products or services of the company. The responsibility includes sales, team-coordination, systems updating and reporting, handling customer queries over the phone depending upon the company. They are […]

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