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Job Lab Research Job Description

July 9, 20120 Comments

Job Lab Research Student Job Profile and Description It’s not a regular thing but it’s been observed that promising students in the pure sciences can be invited or can apply as laboratory research assistants to professors conducting some commissioned research related to their field of expertise such as microbiology, psychology, physics, chemistry, etc. This is […]

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Research Development Manager Job Description

June 1, 20120 Comments

Research Development Manager Job Profile and Description A research development manager is someone who is in charge for all the scientific aspects of a research project. He also has to coordinate it with the business and strategic goals of the organization he is working for. Duties and Responsibilities The research development manager has to be […]

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Clinical Research Associate Job Description

May 24, 20120 Comments

Clinical Research Associate Job Profile and Description A Clinical Research Associate’s job necessitates supervising and completing medical trials, which is a scientific study of the risks, effects, benefits, and efficiency of a medical product. These trials are undertaken at various phases that comprise: trials on salubrious mankind, trials on a diseased patient, and studies carried […]

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Market Research Manager Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Market Research Manager Job Description and Profile The job profile of a market research manager involves making important decisions about the various options available for best possible promotion and take actions to execute them. They confer with a team of researching experts and select the best option. It also requires preparing brief reviews based in […]

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Consumer Electronics Research and Development Director Job Description

November 15, 20110 Comments

Consumer Electronics Research and Development Director Job Profile and Description The consumers electronics research and development director has to supervise the functions of the lab which invent the semiconductors applied to consumer electronics include high definition Blu-Ray discs, the Plasma and LCD flat panel displays. They are basically already exceeded the 50-inch screen size as […]

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Agriculture research Job Description

October 5, 20110 Comments

o Agriculture research Job Profile and Description Agricultural research is a wide term which has to deal with the research in different aspects of agriculture like study of plants, animals, pests and their control, use of insecticides, genetically-modified seeds, crop production method, breeding of livestock, irrigation methods etc. but basically to farming field. A scientist […]

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