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Warehouse Stocker Job Description

October 30, 20120 Comments

Warehouse Stocker Job Profile and Description The position of a Warehouse Stocker is very crucial, as they are responsible for the safekeeping and appropriate handling of the entire inventory of the warehouse. This might be an entry-level profile; however, the job requires expertise and proficiency, usually a warehouse stocker reports in to a warehouse manager […]

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Inventory Assistant Job Description

October 1, 20120 Comments

Stock Assistant Job Profile and Description Stock assistants are responsible for managing the stock that industries vend for operational purposes. This profile also requires the applicant to assist in the stocktaking, monitoring stock and keeping record of the companied stock. The stock assistant usually reports to the stock manager and is also liable for maintaining […]

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Travel Counselor Job Description

September 22, 20120 Comments

Travel Counselor Job Profile and Description The Travel Counselor’s main responsibility is to counsel the clients, help them with their knowledge of tourism places, and travel information to decide on the best deal to select. The job of the travel counselor also involves booking tickets, collection of payments from the clients and maintaining all the […]

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Hotel Management Trainee Job Description

August 11, 20120 Comments

Hotel management trainee Job Profile and Description A hotel management trainee has to help the different divisions in a hotel and help them in their daily operations, thereby contributing to the overall operational competence by completing the relevant duties as assigned. Hotel management trainees may have to work with convention and event planners, front desk […]

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Telecommunications Manager Job Description

August 6, 20120 Comments

Telecommunications manager Job Profile and Description A telecommunications manager plans and directs the staff, comprising supervisors and technical workers, in the installation, maintenance and operation of telecom networks and equipment. He supervises the development and installation of new sites and facilities, and performs other management-related duties as and when required. Duties and Responsibilities A manager […]

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Telecom Sales Job Description

August 4, 20120 Comments

Telecom sales Job Profile and Description A telecom sales representative provides clients with new and effective telecommunications solutions related to the Internet, broadband connections, wide area and local area networking, wireless, long distance and business telephone systems. He has to develop new business for his company and at the same time maintain relationships with present […]

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Security Director Job Description

June 25, 20120 Comments

Security Director Job Profile and Description The role of a Security Director of a company or facility is a combination of Security Consultant, Security Manager & Security Advisor. He is totally responsible for ensuring the security of the personnel, material/equipment and information of a company from physical assault, fraud, industrial espionage/sabotage, internet hacking, robbery and […]

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Job Description Responsibilities

April 6, 20120 Comments

Job Description Responsibilities Companies are on lookout for people who are skilled and can perform their jobs with at most dedication and involvement. However, identifying these skilled, work oriented and well performing staffs for a particular job is a difficult task. Nevertheless, this difficult task has to be made easier and approachable. After much thinking […]

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Insurance Sales Agent Job Description

March 20, 20120 Comments

Insurance Sales Agent Job Profile and Description The insurance sales agent plays a pivotal role of an inter mediator between an insurance company and the clients. The insurance sales agents can work independently representing insurance policies of various companies or appointed by a single company for enhancing their insurance product sales. Their job is to […]

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