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Sales Marketing Job Description

June 15, 20120 Comments

Sales Marketing Job Profile and Description A Sales Marketing professional is either part of or, directs a business enterprise for corporate promotion for a particular organization, within a specific area. It requires to come up with effective methods that will help them develop a business and has to advertise it to the customers and clients. […]

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Sales Assistant Job Description

June 14, 20120 Comments

Sales Assistant Job Profile and Description The Sales assistant job involves working at retail outlets where one interacts with customers and convinces them to buy products. They ask customers their requirements and offer them the right products.   Duties and Responsibilities A sales associate places the order for the customers and handles the complaints Participates […]

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Sale Specialist Job Description

June 14, 20120 Comments

Sale Specialist Job Description and Profile All Companies have professionals for taking care of the business of predicting the sales part of the entire organization. These sales professionals also have the work of making the sales predictions of the organization appear for the benefits of the organization. Sale specialists are professionals who sell particular products […]

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Retail Sales Job Description

June 12, 20120 Comments

Retail Sales Job Profile and Description The Retail sales jobs involve a wide range of duties and activities according to the products or services offered by the company. It deals with certain general duties and activities that are part of the retail sales job. Additionally, they have to assist customers find and buy the merchandise […]

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Sales and Marketing Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Sales and Marketing Job Profile and Description The main responsibilities of a sales and marketing executive is to managing various procedures involved in sales and marketing strategies of any product or services offered by an organization. Duties and Responsibilities The main task of a sales and marketing executive is delivering the revenue to the organization. […]

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Media Sales Manager Job Description

April 25, 20120 Comments

Manager Job Description and Profile A Media sales manager is the one who generates revenue for the organization by selling businesses to clients. A media sales manger holds a very important position in a organization as he along with his team not only generates revenue for organization but creates a healthy business image of the […]

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Banking Sales Job Description

October 8, 20110 Comments

Banking sales Job Profile and Description A banking sales officer is the one who oversee and is in charge of new business development in a bank. He or she will be responsible for selling and look over a large number of accounts so has to monitor investment accounts sold to clients by following the changing […]

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