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Security Specialist Job Description

June 27, 20120 Comments

Security Specialist Job Profile and Description Security Specialist jobs may comprise of a large variety of positions to protect property, people, cash and other valuables. Mobile guards patrol different locations by van or work on armoured ‘cash-in-transit’ vans. Security officers/guards work on individual industrial premises, offices or building sites. Some security officers use closed-circuit television […]

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Produce Clerk Job Description

June 12, 20120 Comments

Produce Clerk Job Profile and Description This position caries the responsibility of ensuring smooth business operations in a store, this is an entry level position. On-the job training is provided before one actually stars working. They have to directly report to the manager. Duties and Responsibilities Maintaining stock information of the products and resources of […]

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Meat Cutter Job Description

June 4, 20120 Comments

Meat Cutter Job Profile and Description The profession of a Meat Cutter requires a great deal of concentration and technique of cutting different types of meat and ensuring minimum wastage. This job demands a person to show his efficiency and expertise in using cutting knives and kitchen equipments and tools. A meat cutter is also […]

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Psychiatric Nurse Job Description

May 5, 20120 Comments

Psychiatric Nurse Job Description and Profile Under general supervision, the job of a Psychiatric Nurse entails provision of psychiatric nursing care to chronically or acutely sick patients. He learns to performs a wide range of duties when it comes to psychiatric nursing that’s required to care for mentally ill patients. He likewise performs related tasks […]

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Sample Criminal Defence Attorney Job Description

April 9, 20120 Comments

Criminal Defence Attorney Job Profile and Description A Criminal Defence Attorney is a lawyer who is appointed by the government to support a person accused of crime. Their job is to decrease the crime charges against their client under the valid rights. Duties and Responsibilities – Meeting clients and understanding their cases Representing a case […]

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