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Warehouse Laborer Job Description

October 17, 20120 Comments

Warehouse Laborer Job Profile and Description The profile of a Warehouse Laborer requires skill, efficiency and physical skills. This is a specialized job wherein staff requires executing their dedication and proficiency in completing delegated tasks and handling merchandise. Warehouse laborers are mostly required at shipping docks, retail storehouses, aviation stockrooms and are typically inducted to […]

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Sample Individual Health Insurance Representative Job Description

March 19, 20120 Comments

Individual Health Insurance Representative Job Profile and Description The work of an Individual Health Insurance Representative involves working closely with clients. You will need to set up meetings with individuals who may require coverage. The role will require you to discuss their specifications and present a package that is suitable for their needs. You will […]

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Office Administrator Job Description

October 4, 20110 Comments

Office Administrator Job Profile and Description The job of an office administrator covers a broad spectrum of functions. He or she will have to be responsible for the operations happening smoothly in the organization and the duties contain ranging from handling human resources to balancing financial assets, depending on the previously agreed-upon policies of the […]

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Health Administration Job Description

October 3, 20110 Comments

Health administration job profile and description The job of a health administrator is basically to perform the organizational duties with some specific context of health sector that is why it is not necessary to have the medical degree or to be a medical professional. To be a health administrator some organizations have found that it […]

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