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School Social Worker Job Description

July 3, 20120 Comments

School social worker job description and profile School social worker responsibilities include handling issues related to children in school like learning disabilities and other emotional and psychological disturbances. The job includes meeting with the family and discussing the situation with a focus on enhancing the development of a child. School social worker duties and responsibilities […]

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School Nurse Job Description

May 5, 20120 Comments

School Nurse Job Profile and Description A school nurse shares her medical expertise in a school whereby she creates an environment that promotes healthy living, and also helps children with the basic first aid and medical care. They address the needs of the local school-age population, and sometimes even children at home. Duties and Responsibilities […]

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School Maintenance Job Description

April 12, 20120 Comments

School Maintenance Job Profile and Description A school is a facility, which needs very careful maintenance. School generally needs maintenance more frequently than any other similar kind of property. The reason behind that the mischievous activities of children come to the school. Apart from general things like floor, roof and electrical; there are many other […]

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