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Remote Sensing Scientist Job Description

June 22, 20120 Comments

Remote Sensing Scientist Job Description Harnessing the technological advances in miniaturization, computing power and the internet, Remote Sensing Scientists apply remote sensor technologies and methods to detect, analyze data and solve problems in areas inhospitable to human presence such as volcanic craters, weather disturbances, military incursions and surveillance, bomb dispersal, weapons detection and policing functions […]

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Bioinformatics Scientist Job Description

May 24, 20120 Comments

Bioinformatics Scientist Job Profile and Description The Bioinformatics Scientist employed in pharmaceutical companies conduct research work using bioinformatics theory and procedures in medical technology, biotechnology, proteomics, computational biology, biology and medical informatics. They are sometimes tasked to design database systems and develop computer software algorithms for processing and analyzing genomic, pharmacological and other biological information. […]

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