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Security Monitor Job Description

June 26, 20120 Comments

Security monitor Job Description and Profile Safety monitor professionals monitor the safety conditions of the company they work for. They have the duty of protecting the staff of the company from any injuries, threats, dangers etc. These people monitor the diverse types of safety programs, which have been created by the institutions in order to […]

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Security Expert Job Description

June 25, 20120 Comments

Security expert Job Description and Profile Maintenance of security becomes imperative in every company as it may fail to operate successfully until and unless it is safe. The task of the security expert is of patrolling the assigned area either on foot or vehicle in order to make it sure that it is problem free. […]

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Security Analyst Job Description

June 23, 20120 Comments

Security Analyst Job Profile and Description Security analyst work for almost any company or organization concerned with data security. They are also employed by specialized consulting firms, doing this type of work on a contractual basis. To perform this job, a security analyst will need experience in technical fields like: programming, systems analysis, and telecommunications. […]

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Security Job Description

June 22, 20120 Comments

Sample Security Job Profile and Description The job of Security Personnel at an installation is a highly responsible position which ensures the safety and security of residents/inmates, valuable materials and accountable documents. He/she will work under the charge of a Security Supervisor as part of an overall Security Detail. Duties and Responsibilities Some of the […]

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Network Security Administrator Job Description

June 21, 20120 Comments

Network Security Administrator Job Profile and Description Network administrator is an IT professional responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software that comprises a computer network. The Network Administrator primarily deals with the overall health of the network, server deployment, security, and ensures that the network connectivity meets the technical parameters prescribed by the […]

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IT Security Job Description

June 21, 20120 Comments

IT security job description and profile The job of an IT security job entails ensuring that the online transactions are secure since internet crime like identify theft has become glaring reality these days. He also ensures the security of the organization systems by installing firewalls and antivirus software. IT security job duties and responsibilities The […]

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Campus Security Job Description

June 19, 20120 Comments

Campus Security Job Profile and Description The campus security officer is someone who has the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of the students, faculty and staff, as well as the property of the school or college campus he is working for. Duties and Responsibilities The campus security officer has to guard the security […]

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Internet Security Job description

March 30, 20120 Comments

Internet Security Job Profile & Description An Internet Security officer was initially used principally inside the internal information technology function to designate the individual responsible for computer and IT security. However, due to the unrelenting importance of client privacy and information security, the position of an Internet Security and disaster recovery manager in the online […]

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Airport Security Job Description

March 21, 20121 Comment

Airport Security Job Description Airport Security Job Profile and Description The ‘Airport Security’ staff includes people who manage the different security programs at an airport and carry out their execution. The different security programs include, but not limited to, watching, checking and screening all the people present at the airport. They work round the clock […]

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Security Director Job Description

November 16, 20110 Comments

Security Director Job Profile and Description There is always a separate section of maintaining security and safety in both the large companies and the institutions. The security director is basically the one who manages the department and oversee the process and functioning. The special department is designed in such a way that it is meant […]

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