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Small Plane Manufacturer Job Description

April 18, 20120 Comments

Small Plane Manufacturer Job Description and Profile A small aircraft is an aircraft that weighs less than 12,500 pounds. These kinds of places are used as private planes. A small place manufacturer specializes in building a particular part of the small plane like the engine or, a component of the engine. Many manufacturers are involved […]

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Small Business Manager Job Description

October 14, 20111 Comment

Small business manager job profile and description The managers of a small business mostly are proprietors of the business. He or she has basically the responsibility to formulate the plans to take the business forward and increase the productivity. He or she oversees all aspects of the business such as production, marketing and customer service […]

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Small Business Owner Job Description

October 14, 20110 Comments

Small Business Owner Job Profile and Description A small business owner has to fulfill the entire responsibility of the company on his or her shoulders. As a sole proprietor of a company he or she has to enjoy all fruits alone and also has to bear all the risks as well. The job of all […]

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