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Social Services Career Descriptions

August 6, 20130 Comments

Social Services Career Descriptions Social Services Career brings to you the most amazing opportunities in the emerging field of social services.  Social services sector, hitherto likened only to not for profit, is very soon going to emerge as a lucrative sector. These are the new ways that companies have found out to benefit the business […]

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Social Services Founder Job Description

July 4, 20120 Comments

Social services founder job description and profile A social services founder forms a social service company, which focuses on a particular type of service like woman and child welfare, rehabilitation of drug addicts and sex workers, unemployed people and other services. He hires an efficient staff in order to take the work of the social […]

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Social Services CEO Job Description

July 3, 20120 Comments

Social services CEO job description and profile The social service CEO is responsible for the policies and operations of a social service agency. She plans the budget, working strategies and coordinates the operations and functions of the staff. She also deals with the government and law related issues of the agency. Social services CEO duties […]

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