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Vocational Specialist Job Description

July 4, 20120 Comments

Vocational Specialist Job Profile and Description The Vocational Specialist will require evaluating the vocational potential of persons with disabilities or other occupation allied shortcomings in addition to counseling and case management. This professional will require to work as coordinator for special education and employment support. These specialists provide assistance in student enrollment process and implements […]

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Crisis Hotline Specialist Job Description

June 29, 20120 Comments

Crisis Hotline Specialist Job Profile and Description A Crisis Hotline Specialist delivers hotline support services by supporting the customers to provide appropriate information as well as referrals to other services and resources. These specialists are responsible to operate a telephone hotline, greet customers, establish rapport, and assess the level of customer risk. They provide counseling […]

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Child Development Specialist Job Description

June 28, 20120 Comments

Child Development Specialist Job Profile and Description The job of a Child Development Specialist is to offer family and child services to enhance the child’s development potential and increase parenting skills. The specialist assesses child’s development, helps with a plan of education, provides techniques, and sets health programs that improve the ability of child to […]

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Hydrology Specialist Job Description

May 31, 20120 Comments

Hydrology Specialist Job Description and Profile Under general direction, the job of the Hydrology Specialist entails conducting technical and scientific hydrologic research work, preparation of relevant reports, and performs other related tasks and duties as required. Basically the Hydrology Specialist is assigned in specialized areas such as reclamation, resource, conservation and flood control. Duties and […]

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Marketing Specialist Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Marketing Specialist Job Profile and Description The job of a Marketing Specialist is to design, create, and produce marketing programs to support development and growth of the company products. Their role needs creating sales demonstrations and offering reviews according to the information collected such as new products, market styles, competitors, and costs. Acquainted with a […]

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Media Specialist Job Description

April 25, 20120 Comments

Media specialist Job Profile and Description A organization or an company needs the help of media – print, broadcast or internet — to either promote something or to give some information. A media specialist is responsible for managing media strategies and relations. He is a combination of a media planner and a coordinator and in […]

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